2011-2012 Examinations
What is IAPT?

IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) is an association of Physics Teachers spread through out the country. It was started by Late Dr. D. P. Khandelwal in 1984 and today it has 5300 life members. All the work of this (our) organization is voluntary in character-thus NOBODY is paid any Honorarium or remuneration for ANY WORK of IAPT.


National Standard Examinations ( NSEP in Physics, NSEC in Chemistry, NSEB in Biology, NSEA in Astronomy and NSEJS in Junior Science ) are  nationwide examinations  organized by IAPT.  We have been conducting NSEP for last 25 years by now. NSEP,NSEC,NSEB and NSEA are at CBSE class XII level  while NSEJS is at  CBSE class X level. These NSEs are the FIRST  and THE ONLY SCREENING TESTS leading towards International Olympiads in the respective subjects.

What are Science  Olympiads?

International Olympiads are held every year in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science. 
Olympiads are internationally recognized competitions in various fields of knowledge. They are the highest level examinations and are hosted by different countries every year. Participation in any of the Olympiads has worldwide recognition and is considered as a great achievement.

How do I go to (or participate in ) the Physics ( or Chemistry or Biology or Astronomy or Jr. Science ) Olympiad ?

You will have to appear for NSEP (or NSEC / NSEB / NSEA/ NSEJS) – be in the top 300 students and then through the Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO or INChO or INBO or INAO or INOJS) you may be selected for the further stages of the respective International Olympiad  Programme.

Is there any other way to go to International  Olympiads in these subjects?

No!  There is none.

How do I enroll myself for any of these?

You must register from your OWN  School / College. The Principal (or  Physics or Science  Teacher) of your College/ Jr. College / High School will enroll you. He will give you all further instructions. In case you have any difficulty then refer to our website  www.iapt.org.in. List of all NSE centres   of last year ( viz 2010-11) is available on the website.  The name of contact person at the  respective centre is also indicated. Enrolment at the centers only.  No direct enrolment. 

What are the fees?

Rs 75/= per student per subject (per examination) o be paid in cash to the centre in charge.  DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO IAPT OFFICE.  This exam fee  cannot be refunded

What are the details of the entire selection procedure?

National Standard Examinations ( NSEs) are conducted at about 1000 centres all over India; Thousands of  students appear for each subject at these examinations. National TOP 300 students from each of  these NSEs are called for Indian National Olympiads (viz. INPhO, INChO, INBO, INAO or INJSO) Individual letters are sent to these students informing that they have to appear for Indian National Olympiads (INOs).  All these INOs are organized by HOMI BHABHA CENTRE for SCIENCE EDUCATION ( HBCSE ) Mumbai.  TOP 35 students are chosen on the basis of their performance at these INOs. These 35 students in each subject attend Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in respective discipline for about 2 weeks at HOMI BHABHA CENTRE for SCIENCE EDUCATION ( HBCSE ) Mumbai. Indian team  to participate in  International Olympiad is selected from  the OCSC in respective subject.  For more details visit  www.hbcse.tifr.res.in/olympiads

Are there any other fees for these INOs or camps?

None! You pay only once at the time of enrolment; that’s all.

What is the time schedule ?

LAST DATE OF ENROLMENT ;             15th SEPTEMBER 2011.

Examination schedule: Kindly see the attached table.
Note: all the five are on the same day                 SUNDAY, 27th November 2011
Probable dates of INOs :                28th and 29th January 2012
Expected dates of results of INOs :             1st March 2012
OCSCs   :                         April– June 2012.

Evaluation procedure for Physics:

Part A is evaluated of ALL the students. Part B is assessed of ONLY those students  securing  more than a certain “cut off” marks in Part A. Note,  part B is NOT evaluated of ALL the students. The TOP 300 students eligible to appear for INPHO are selected on the  basis of marks obtained in parts A and B taken together.


i) In each subject, certificates are given  to ‘top 10%’ students of every centre.
ii) Merit Certificates are awarded to”top 1%”  students in each state, in each subject.
iii) Special Merit Certificates and a  prize (book) will be awarded to National top 1% students in each subject.
iv) Gold Medals are awarded to the Top 35 students  from INPhO, INChO and INBO examinations.

Are old Question papers available?

Yes. Set of last four years’ question papers with answers/solutions (in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy) is available. You have to send a DD of Rs. 100/- in favour of “IAPT”, payable at Pune, to our office and set will be dispatched by Regd. Post / Courier.. Write your name and complete postal address ( with PIN ) on the back of DD.

As set of last three years’ question papers with answers/solutions (in Junior Science) is available. Send a DD of Rs. 50/- in favour of “IAPT”, payable at Pune, to our office and set will be dispatched by Regd. Post / Courier.. Write your name and complete postal address ( with PIN ) on the back of DD.

Prof. R. M. Dharkar           : Chief Co-ordinator of IAPT exams.

Prof.  M. L. Ogalapurkar  :  Co-ordinator, NSEP. NSEC, NSEB

Prof. J. P. Gadre                : Co-ordinator, NSEA NSEJS

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